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Hello !

I make relief prints, take photographs and teach adult FE groups. I trained in Fine Art (painting & printmaking). I have taught and had management roles in schools, sixth-form and FE colleges. I am also currently employed, by a major examination board, to monitor and moderate art & design courses.

The aim of this site is to display the range of my artwork. I will try to add images on a regular basis so keep coming back! One of my targets is to clear some of my print store. The work will look more impressive on your wall than in my plan chests!

You can purchase work by using the Message Form to send a private enquiry.  I will confirm what’s available and give you info. about the edition (sometimes there may be alternate versions etc).

Finally – viewing art online is no substitute for seeing and handling the originals. If you don’t like your print when you receive it, get in touch and you can return it.

A brief explanation about my limited edition Print Techniques


My etchings are made by putting a wax ground on a zinc plate. Marks are drawn through the wax exposing the metal, which is then etched in nitric acid. Most plates progress through a series of ‘bitings’ and proofs before reaching the final state. The plate is then inked and wiped by hand, printed on good quality acid free paper using a cylinder press. Printing plates have a limited life, so I only produce very small editions – preserving their rarity and value!


A collagraph print differs from an etching because the plate is ‘built up’ as opposed to being ‘bitten away’ by acid. I make my collagraph plates using secret mixtures of card, mdf, glue, found objects, carborundum powders etc. The final printing process is similar to etching, but the plate is usually inked intaglio (wiping ink into the crevices) combined with additional colours rolled on the surface.

Some of my prints combine both collagraph and etching plates and techniques.


Photographic images are printed onto a variety of specialist papers (e.g. Ilford Galerie, Somerset Enhanced) and printed with pigment based inks giving professional print permanence.


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  1. simon says:

    Web-site looks great
    Tend to agree with comment about variations in text style, size & colour, but at the same time acknowledge that it adds texture to the ‘page’.
    It was also great to see that you have ‘up-loaded’ some old ‘friends’ like ’707′ & ‘PZ’ etc!!
    It would be good to see more of your less familiar work, so keep developing the site!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Simon
      Its really helpful to get this type of feedback – and it confirms that all the ‘buttons’ work! My next job is to tidy all the text up and make the styles more consistent.
      By the way – there is an additional etching slideshow in the May 2011 post – it has a few different images. The real issue is that I need to get going and complete some more work!!

  2. Tom L says:

    Enjoying looking around so far, text above seems to use a mix of too many colours, bold, italics and sizes. It is drawing my attention all over the page rather than reading easily.

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